Taiji Dolphin Slaughter Starting September 1st

Starting September 1st, a hunt for 2,000 dolphins will take place
in Taiji, Japan inside the infamous 'Cove'. These dolphins, found by Japan going through migration routes, are corralled by fisherman then sold to aquariums around the world, and then slaughtered inside a secret cove. This must be stopped. For more info, go to SaveJapanDolphins.org!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Standing against the government, for the Earth #OWS #We Are The 99%

      Starting September 1, 2011 the citizens of New York City decided they had had enough, and they were gonna take a stand in what they simply called "Occupy Wall Street". By noon, this protest had recruited hundreds to, quite descriptively, Occupy Wall Street. These numbers quickly grew, and quickly became a trend around the world. Now, many events are being scheduled on several different continents to occupy their cities, in hope that the government would use reason to make the world a better place for us all.

      As the cause grew, as the voices raised louder and began to be heard, a sign of the government cracking under pressure revealed itself. A quote from U.S. Congressman Peter King: 
"We have to allow this to get any legitimacy. I'm taking this seriously in I am old enough to remember what happened in the 1960's when the left wing took the streets and somehow the media glorified him and it ended up shaping policy." 
 This message is important in the context that it is said. Without forwardly stating it, he is expressing that this needs to be stopped because if it continues to grow then it will make changes like in the 1960's. This, in my view, gave signs of weakness of the government and signs of progress. Signs that this movement is moving. Earlier this week those involved in the protest released their first document to the government entitled the "Declaration of the Occupation of New York City". More documents are underway to be released in the upcoming days: 1) A declaration of demands. 2) Principles of Solidarity 3) Documentation on how to form your own Direct Democracy Occupation Group. 

This outreach from the citizens can only be described in one word that sums up everything that it is, in exactly the way it is... Revolution. All across the nation people are uniting together to make a stand. Uniting together for change. Uniting together to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. And YOU can be a part of it. Without even needing to physically be on the street. 

  • Visit OccupyWallSt.org 
  • Donate food, water and supplies. If possible, join them in their occupation! 
"First they ignore you, they they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Gandhi

We Are The 99%!