Taiji Dolphin Slaughter Starting September 1st

Starting September 1st, a hunt for 2,000 dolphins will take place
in Taiji, Japan inside the infamous 'Cove'. These dolphins, found by Japan going through migration routes, are corralled by fisherman then sold to aquariums around the world, and then slaughtered inside a secret cove. This must be stopped. For more info, go to SaveJapanDolphins.org!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Anti-Whaling Day, Nov. 5, 2011... The Wake Up Call

It is October 23, and many people around the world are gearing up for the annual Anti-Whaling Day that will be taking part on November 5th, 2011. Some people view this as a day to celebrate because many organizations are working to stop the horrible practice of commercial whaling. Some will plan/attend protests at embassies across the continents.  But that's not how I see it... I view Anti-Whaling Day as a wake up call to those uneducated, and those with no worries (if any exist).
On the day that is known as Anti-Whaling Day, a storm of protests will be released in a fit of anger and sadness at those who kill the gentle giants. Every human being has the right to feel this in-contentment with others of their own species.. although how they express it is sometimes not the way that could be most effective. A persons first instinct to stop the condemned practice of commercial whaling, is to attend a protest or cause chaos for those who act our the practice. But I don't agree with this tactic; if someone were to call it that.
I believe the correct form of action, and the most effective form of action on this day would be to not attend protests... Not to cause havoc... But too educate those who don't know of the cruelty and injustice that is being brought to the whales. Educate those who have not in the slightest idea of the punishment being reaped for a crime undone. Knowledge is power, and we have the upper-hand. This is your plan for the day. This (in my view) should be the purpose of Anti-Whaling Day.
Hence me forwardly naming it.. the Wake Up Call. A time where all activists basically scream out "Wake Up World! Look Around You! Save These Gentle Giants!"

On this day, share your insight with friends, share your insight with family, share it with your neighbors, heck, share it with the local bagboy at the mini-mart! Spread your spirit and passion far and wide, long and high. It is time for the world to open their eyes and notice that this Earth is not what it used to be, or what it should be. It is our life source, and we are dimming the light of hope in saving it. It is time for youth to start taking action full of passion... Time for adults to help LEAD the youth in this time of war for the Earth and a time of sadness for its losses. A time to realize we do not rule the planet, but that we are guests who need to abide by the rules.
On November 5th, 2011 share your smarts. Educate others and bring them with us to the fight. Recruit others to join Neptune's Navy in the fight to save the Whales.... then maybe you can protest.