Taiji Dolphin Slaughter Starting September 1st

Starting September 1st, a hunt for 2,000 dolphins will take place
in Taiji, Japan inside the infamous 'Cove'. These dolphins, found by Japan going through migration routes, are corralled by fisherman then sold to aquariums around the world, and then slaughtered inside a secret cove. This must be stopped. For more info, go to SaveJapanDolphins.org!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

All Taiji Updates

 The beginning of the hunting season started slow for the horrible killermen of the cove, with several days of no dolphin captures. This period of time shown as a beacon of hope that these innocent creatures might be spared their lives. The hope, love, and rejoice that no lives were taken were instantly stopped on September 5, 2011 when the killermen came back to the cove with 14 Risso dolphins, and then slaughtered them. Sadness took over all those who were watching over the Cove and the dolphins, almost as a protector. This day was a day lost.

After the events of September 5th, there was another short period of five days in which the dolphins escaped the wrath of the killermen. Many were shaken as they had to watch 20-25 Bottlenose dolphins be corralled into the cove, anticipating death for all of them, on September 10, 2011. The assumptions proved wrong as surprising, though joyously, the men took but 1 adult from the entire pod, then released the others. We rejoice at this, but still mourn for that 1 soul who was taken from the sea, and pushed into captivity.

For a few days short of an entire month, the dolphins were victorious. The dolphins were free in the water, avoiding capture of the cold hearted men we call humans. On October 2, 2011 although there were no dolphins captured, it was reported that dolphins are still in captivity, and being trained against their will. With the exception of one who is depressed, not eating, and floats listlessly. Many pray for these beings.

Shortly after this update, it was reported on October 4,2011 that 28 Striped dolphins were corralled, and then slaughtered shamefully. It was also said that this tragedy took place directly after the killermen finished eating lunch. This tells you a lot about the men we are dealing with, and how they set their priorities. 

On October 7, 2011 the boats went out and chased a pod. Half got away, half didn't and are waiting to be mercilessly murdered. Two of the innocently accused are taken to sea pens and will be starved until trained to eat dead fish. There is also a pod of suspected false killer whales near the cove, and it is predicted the killermen will go after them. Its prayed they won't. Sadly, 17 of these false killer whales were captured and put into captivity. 

October 9, 2011 and 3 of the whales were moved into separate sea pens while 14 others await their final fate. Today is the Shinto Festival and no dolphins will be slaughtered.

Today is October 10, 2011 and it looks as if the only false killer whales that are getting fed are the ones that buyers are interested in. The rest seem to be going hungry.  Another sign of just how sick and disrespectful these men are. Later in the day these 16 starving whales were then slaughtered by the killermen. 

On the 12th October a reported 15 Risso dolphins were corralled, and slaughtered with no mercy.  

On the 21st of October their is nothing really to report. Strong winds and bad weather have been literally keeping the dolphin hunters at bay. They have not gone out in the boats much. A few days ago a pod was chased but escaped, joyfully. There are rumors that those in the sea pens are being close to starved. :(

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."


  1. this cruelty needs to stop. these beautiful creatures are cryin out to us to save them. the suffering these intelligent defendless dolphins are enduring is heartwrencing. it takes a real coward to hurt a defendless animal. we cannot give up on these dolphins. right now they are mans biggest threat and thier only hope. so keep up the good work and lets get this cove shut down for good.

  2. Hello and Thank You for caring for these beloved animals of the deep. I feel the pain for them, as i know you do, and appreciate your posting their fate and our love for them. I see you are devoutly dedicated towards their freedom and safety. I am too, however I am different here in my belief: I do not see the Taiji fishermen as bad ~ Only as numb to the feelings of their prey. They see them as $$$ and food. That is it.... There is no compassion without understanding. I do believe that people who sleep walk on this planet's eyes can be opened to the uniqueness and beauty of others, including animals, such as these. They will have to have a change of perception for this to occur. Hopefully, each of these fishermen will have change of heart by our persistent calling out the wrongs done, and most importantly through education. I do not believe they will change with threats or name callings directed at them however. I believe that change be only brought about when the person embraces the change. Somehow they need to change their perceptions for this to occur.

  3. to ric obarry and all animal activist. you are all my heroes. you guys and gals are doing a tremdenes job. these beautiful creatures need our voice to save them. the suffering needs to stop for these helpless creatures. i believe these fisherman are igorant to the core. intense pressure education awareness will eventually stop this creulty. keep up the good work and dont ever give up on these intelligent beautiful creatures of the sea. LETS SHUT THE COVE DOWN!!!

  4. Together we can all make a difference. Our dolphins desperately need our help right now. Spread the word,send donations,watch The Cove--youtube.com/thecove is free on line.These dolphins deserve our protection, they suffered enough.Mr. O'barry said that the slaughter will end,it will take time and through our efforts and persistence we will stop it. We the people cannot give up on these precious creatures we have to fight to the end.GOD BLESS THE ACTIVISTS AND THE DOLPHINS THAT HAD DIED AND WILL CONTINUE TO DIE INTO THE EVIL HANDS OF TAIJI!!!

  5. The greatness of a nation and it's moral progess can be judged by the way in which it's ANIMALS ARE TREATED---GANDHI That's all i have to say about Taiji. I rest my case.

  6. The japanese people are not the blame for this,it's THE 23 IGNORANT HEARTLESS FISHERMEN, MAYOR AND GOVERNMENT for allowing this senseless slaughter. I hope to God that all the money they made off of these defenseless creatures goes towards hosiptal bills on them and thier love ones. When man is greedy and ignorant to the core these poor animals become the victims. I may not see it but you men that we call humans will pay one day for your evil acts. It's just as cruel all the people this is affecting than the actual killing of the dolphins. YOUR A DISGRACE TO THE PEOPLE OF JAPAN!!! YOU GAVE THEM A BAD NAME FOR YOUR EVIL ACTS!!!